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Appignano is a Commune with about 4000 inhabitants, placed to few kilometers far from the city of Macerata.

Alta Pinus (this is the latin name of the town) rises toward the end of XI century. This commune is known as the “town of the potters” thanks to the production of ceramics which belongs to the local tradition.

Appignano is famous also as “centre of the furniture”, appellative earned during the time because of his production of furnitures and wood works; it also distinguishes in the manufacturing sector, especially in the circle of the clothing.

The town center is set to an altitude of 199 meters on the sea level and it's sorrounded by the green rural area of Marche region, where you can admire marvelous landscapes, starting from the Appennini montains to the west, and ending on the Adriatic sea to the east.

The commune of Appignano is also one of the winners of the “Green flag” price, recognition that is given to public corporate body that are distinguished in the politics of guardianship of the environment also for turist purposes, in the typical products development of the territory.

Leguminaria is a demonstration that takes place in October among the suggestive walls of Appignano. The protagonists of this event are the vegetables which belong to the excellence in the agricultural production of this territory.

During this event you will have the opportunity to taste a lot of local recipes with vegetables, accompanied with a big variety of wines and gastronomic products.

The Forano convent rises in the proximity of the town of Appignano and it is absorbed by the nature and rural territory that sorrounds the urban center; it has been built in the XIII century and it is remembered for a stay of San Francesco from Assisi, which is passed from the ancient gothic portal of the convent (where we can find the incision dedicated to the saint).

Appignano is an interesting town to visit and a perfect place where you can spend a relaxing holiday inside of the nature of Marche region and its fascinating history.