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Mercatello sul Metauro is a market town located near river Metauro in the Pesaro-Urbino province where you can breathe the past. Here we are on the north-west side of Marche region, a few km away from the Umbria and Tuscany borders.

In 2002 this little city was awarded the Orange Flag of high quality tourism by the Italian Touring Club.

This is not the usual touristic village where everything seems to be the same, but is the right place for those who love art, architecture, silence, contact with nature, walks in the woods and near little rivers, the fine cuisine and good wine, mushrooms and truffles, the springtime perfumes and the fireflies that gives light to the summer nights.

Far away from pollution, Mercatello territory is those who are passionate of trekking, bike, golf and photographers. There are so many paths that you can choose everyday a different route for your trekking experiences or mountain bike walks.

The 13th century San Francesco Church is the Marche region's oldest Franciscan church. The interior was once completely covered with frescoes. Today you can still admire a few of them. One interesting fresco depicts the world with only three continents. Each of the town's major families has built a tomb inside the church and the church's windows show family crests. A crucifix from 1309 was the first example of the Rimini school, influenced by Giotto's work. In the former convent is a small museum with paintings, religious objects, and a stained glass from 1300 that was the first representation of Saint Francis made in glass.

The tradition is essentially tied up to two events: the “Palio del Somaro” which includes the feast of tagliatelle (a special kind of italian pasta) and the “Golosi in Goletta” a gastronomic manifestation created to promote a typical culinary product: the “goletta”. This is a meat plate with a soft and smooth taste that takes its name from the pork throat with which it is made.

Mercatello sul Metauro is a plunge into the romantic history of Italy, it is a bath of nature, clean air and natural wonders. It is the perfect place to relax and then come back to everyday  life fully regenerated and ready for your next battles.

Don't miss this village in your fine discovery of Italy!