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The town of Treia, sorrounded by ancient walls with towers and doors, rises on a long crest of benches of sandstone, on the left of the river Potenza.

The history of its creation goes back to the middle ages (like many towns in Marche region), and at the time it was called with the name of Montecchio, after the distruction of the ancient roman center “Trea” by the barbarian invasions.

Only in 1790, thanks to the Pope Pio VI that conferred the title of “city”, the town took back the ancient name of Treia.

In the urban center we can find the Republic's Square, which is surely one of the most beautiful squares in Marche region thanks to the harmonious compound of monuments that could be found inside of it, and thanks to the exceptional sight of the hilly landscapes. At the center of the square we can find a marvelous fountain overhung by a baluster with a monument devoted to the Pope Pio VI, while on the remainders three sides we can see the Town Building, the Accademia Georgica and the church of San Filippo.

We warmly suggest to take a walk on the bypass that flanks the ancient and well preserved town-walls, that besides its splendid structure, it allows us to enjoy some great landscapes; incomparable is the one that we can admire on the “Onglavina” tower, which embrace Sibillini Mountains, the “Maiella”, the “Gran Sasso”, Conero mountain and the Adriatic sea.

Treia is known also for a very important cultural exhibition: the “Disfida del Bracciale”. It's about a historical commemoration that takes place every year in the summer period since the 1978. This event commemorates the ancient game of the “ball with the band”, a very popular sport in the 18th and 19th centuries, in which the four city districts are challenged and each one represents a social class.