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Chiaravalle is a small city of the province of Ancona, in the region Marche. It is 5 minutes away from the Airport Raffaello Sanzio at Falconara.

It is populated by approximately 15,000 citizens and the  main activities revolve around the Tabaccos Industry and the agriculture.

The origin of this city are going back to the Lombards when the queen Teodolinda gave the permit to the build a Bendectine Monastery along the banks of river Esino around 600 a.C. The Benedectine Abbey was then transformed in a Cistercian Abbey now known as the Abbey of Chiaravalle

Around the Abbey a little village was then built made of little thatched huts. Still today in August the city celebrates, because of this, the Festival of the thatched huts.  

The city developed in the XVIII century with the creation of the Tabaccos Insutry which made this small center into a propsperous and flourishing little city in the years to follow.  

During the Second World War the city was destroyed by the bombing and then rebuilt in the immediate after war. Recently the old town was subject to a refined restauration. 

Interesting is the Theater of the city built at the end of XIX century with a typical architecture of that time, very decorated inside and with a very interesting roll away chandelier. The theater was completely restored in 1997. 

Maria Montessori was born exactly here at Chiaravalle in 1870. Mostly known as a pedagogist, Maria Montessori has been one of the first women in Italy to get a university degree in medicine and a great promoter of femminism. Famous was her speach at the Feminin Congress of Berlin in 1896. 

Her house was bought by the city and made into a museum which is now possible to visit and see the original documents of her long career and learn more about her works. 

Always at Chiaravalle it is also possible to visit two centers that base their work on the Montessori method: Il Nido and La Casa dei Bambini.

While in this city you can also visit the Chiaravalle Abbey, also known as Abbazia di Santa Maria in Castagnola.

The Abbey was built in 1172 in full Cistercian style with latin cross floor plan and three classic aisles. Very interesting is the church, the cloister and mysterious symbols found on the Abbey which are still being studied by the scholars to understand their meaning.   

The city of Chiaravalle is part of the Associazione Italiana Cittą Ciclabili and it offers great paths in the nature for those who love biking, it hosts an association of archers where it is possible to learn and practice archery and it has a public swimming pool. 

The cuisine of the region Marche  is a perfect equilibrium between the tastes of North and South of Italy, Chiaravalle is not an exception. Here, as in the rest of the region, it is possible to taste delicious recipes based on the typical ingredients of the territory.

By car, by bus or by trein it is possible from Chiaravalle to reach in few minutes different interesting cities around it such as:  Ancona, Jesi, Senigallia, Osimo, Castelfidardo.