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COSTA DEI TRABOCCHI (Chieti - Abruzzo Region)

The coast of the province of Chieti keep an extraordinary and seductive landscape: small hills overlooking the sea and coves surrounded by wild vegetation behind which one  you can see rows of vineyards and olive groves, immerse in a unique and full of charm ambient. In these places, time seems to stand still. The clear blue sea, the deep color of the vegetation and the profile of the rough rocks adds a special charm to the sunrises and sunsets, making the holiday an unforgettable experience.

In this magical setting there are some of the most authentic symbols of history and culture of this land: the “Trabocchi”, bizarre and complex fishing machines, consisting of a platform jutting out into the sea and anchored to the rock from large logs of Aleppo pine, from which protrude, a few feet from the water, two or more long wings, called antennas, which support a huge tight mesh called “trabocchetto”.

Probably, the “trabocco” is an invention of Phoenicians.
Today it is a symbol of material culture and tourist attraction, in fact some of them are home to renowned restaurants.
The "Trabocchi Coast" takes its name, in fact, to trabocco, thanks to the presence of this symbol, it extends from Ortona in San Salvo, including San Vito Chietino, Rocca San Giovanni, Fossacesia, Casalbordino and Vasto.

Try the local food products of this place is essential.
Stands out the extra virgin olive oil, the quality of which is now recognized nationally and internationally. The territories of San Vito Chietino, Rocca San Giovanni and Fossacesia have a special processing of olive oil, the citrus oil: lemon or oranges of Trabocchi coast are ground along with olives, and create an oil which, used as a condiment, is able to enhance any dish.

The city overlooking the Trabocchi coast also offer rich opportunities for aesthetic pleasure thanks to the beauty of the landscapes and architectures. At Ortona you can see the Aragonese Castle and the Cathedral of St. Thomas, and San Vito Chietino - the "land of the broom" of Gabriele D'Annunzio - you can enjoy the panoramic view of the massive of Maiella and Gran Sasso.

From Fossacesia you can see the Gulf of Venus, dominated by the hill on which stands the ancient Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere, Torino of Sangro with its famous forest of "Lecceta", Casalbordino and finally Vasto, the ancient Hitonium and its picturesque Belvedere of blades that lean out on the beautiful Gulf of Gold.