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Until a few years ago the word kite just meant a cute game for children to do outdoors, and the word surf was just a synonymous of California and Beach Boys.

This is no longer true.

Kitesurf is today one of the most played and followed sport all over the word. Wikipedia still identify it as an extreme sport,  so, just for a few braves, but this definition is no longer adequate because, in a few years, kitesurf has became one of the most popular sports ever.

For no-insiders let me describe this sport: at the beginning kitesurf was just an “aerial” variant of surf, basically it consists in flying, or better to say gliding, above the sea, or lake water, over a surfboard fastened at the foot; what gives the upward thrust is an enormous kite attached at the chest, that is manually drove by a bar placed at shoulder’s level.

The eye effect is spectacular, you can understand the success of this sport at the first glance.

For kitesurfers is about to experience the sensation of speed and flying at the same time, everyone who’s watching them is inexorably fascinated.

It is a fact that kitesurf can make you coolest! And, for this reason, everyone want to try it out, both men and women, both young and no more young people.

There are two necessary requirements you must have: have a great fitness, because you’ll need strength, resistance and balance, and be brave. It’s nothing impossible to deal with if you have this two requirements. If you have strong motivation it will be easy to learn. Unexpected people have tried this sport and they succeeded.

It may seem like a sport you can practice only in summer time but, on the contrary, a lot of kitesurfers are not so much worried about cold water and are used to do it even in winter time. More often, they are no longer looking for warmer places like Brasil or the island of Fuerteventura.

In Italy, for exemple, kitesurf is becoming increasingly popular, and it is possible to see people kitesurfing in many beaches, whether in summer or in winter.

One of the most important is the one called Stagnone Reserve, in Marsala, in Trapani province, Sicily.

In Sicily the climate is mild all year round, and even in winter the cold weather is easy to tolerate.

In addition, on Stagnone Reserve beach the sea water is so low that it doesn’t reach up ankles for several meters walking, an important precondiction for whom that are trying for the first times or for whom that are following the first lessons.

So, for all kitesurfers, and not only for them, what a better pretext to plan an holiday in Marsala?