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Ostuni is one of the most beautiful cities of southern Italy, you can easily reach Ostuni from Bari along the SS16, but in August you may encounter traffic because there are many vehicles that run to the sea. Ostuni is also known as the "White City" for its characteristic sparkling color of its houses.  The white color is due to the lime with which the houses are painted; in the past this practice was very common to disinfect, now this custom is mainly to capture the sun's rays in winter and reject them during the summer.
When we arrived, the city has fascinated us, not only for the white color but also for its charm of its historic center. The inhabitants, call the center of the country: “la terra” (“the land "). There are many houses that form a real labyrinth of streets, alleys and stairways. Enter the heart of the city is an experience full of emotions.
We strongly recommend to use comfortable shoes and have the spirit of discovery these narrow streets. You'll come across charming views where you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes like the valley of olive trees. You will discover wonderful corners with the vibrant colors of the bougainvillea, whole rooms carved into the rock and stairs that create links between the streets. 
You forget the time passing. We happened to walk on a narrow street and suddenly, turn away, and be facing a sudden terrace with a splendid view.
Along the streets you will find souvenir shops, and especially of typical products of Puglia from the farms in Ostuni, for example oil , wine and pickles. For food lovers it is a true paradise!
On the top you can find the Cathedral of 1400 dedicated to Santa Maria dell’Assunzione (St. Mary of the Assumption) , with the largest amazing central rose window of Italy. In front of the Cathedral you can see the Loggia, an elegant bridge between Palazzo vescovile and  Palazzo del Seminario.
Leaving the old village, "la terra”(the land), you will come across the large Piazza della libertà (square of Liberty) that  marks the border with the new town and where stands the big baroque Guglia di Sant’Oronzo patron of the city.
In the evening the happy hour is special in Ostuni, some streets and squares are invaded by colored cushions in  outdoor locals with soft lighting and candles, all these things create a truly magical  atmosphere .
At lunch and dinner you can choose among many restaurants and taverns. Some 
are very nice,  others with courtyards cut into the rock. We stopped at ” Osteria del tempo  perso” ("Tavern of the time lost") we ate in a small room in the living rock in a welcoming environment. The food was very good and well cared for; and the homemade bread was very good. Instead of choosing a la carte menu we asked to bring the tastes of the cuisine of Puglia, we strongly recommend that you try it too .....will not regret it. 
This restaurant is well-known and popular in Ostuni, you recommend you to book especially in summer.