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Alberobello is the capital of TRULLI and UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. A unique place in the world, to be approved artistic and historical heritage of world interest.

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The "Trulli" are the ancient homes of the farmers who worked the land, ancient buildings came to us from a thousand-year tradition built entirely with the most abundant raw materials they had available in Puglia (Apulia): the calcareous stone. They were built dry without the use of grout in order to be destroyed quickly in case of need.

Just arrived in Alberobello you will be charmed by the magical atmosphere that surrounds you, the stark contrast between new and old, and the whiteness of the plaster that highlight even more the rounded shapes of the buildings.

The itinerary, to discover Alberobello, usually starts from Terrazzino Belvedere (Deck Belvedere) from which you can enjoy an amazing view on the conical roofs of the city center.

Arouses our curiosity immediately, the sight of some mysterious paintings on the roofs that lead to the discovery of ancient pagan cults. Magical and propitiatory symbols  representing a kind of protection against the evil eye and  protection for the family.

The visit continues with the discovery of the district "AIA PICCOLA", so called because it used in the past to work the wheat. There are about 400 trulli and is the only area not touched by commercial activities, it is a very charming place and full of details that show the appearance that the country had a few decades ago. Many of these Trulli are still inhabited and with a little of luck you can meet women in the alleys, who prepare the famous orecchiette and men who settle the Trulli. All people are very happy to have you visit their characteristics houses.

In this same area there is also the trullo called CASA DELL’AMORE (HOUSE OF LOVE), Unesco heritage since it was the first house built in Alberobello in lime. Its construction dates back to 1797 and at the end was a plaque in Latin still visible showing this inscription: “EX AUCTORITATE REGIA - HOC PRIMUM ERECTUM A.D. 1797".

In the same district we meet the TRULLO SOVRANO ("TRULLO SOVEREIGN") built in the first half of the eighteenth century, is the only with two floors with a brilliant staircase to the upper floor, embedded into the wall, not bulky and also invisible.

After District "AIA PICCOLA" you can visit the "RIONE MONTI". There are about 1,030 trulli flat on the hillside, Residential, shops bars and restaurants. An area that catches the attention of tourists for the many products that you can buy local crafts including pottery, jewelry and even scarves made with ancient looms. A characteristic Trullo to visit in this district is the TRULLO SIAMESE, dates back to 1400 and has the distinction of having two conical roofs together. In the sides of Monti district there is the Church-Trullo of St. Anthony, built in 1927 is still the only example in the world of church in the shape of Trullo.

Visiting Alberobello made us live for a while a magical atmosphere and it made us fantasize about a world long gone. But Alberobello fortunately it is not a dream, but a jewel that we can always visit, in fact Alberobello waits us with  its beauty and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Do not miss this beautiful town because it's unique and spectacular in its mystery.

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