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Pietracamela is a suggestive medieval village in Abruzzo region, situated into the National Park of Gran Sasso, at only 6 km of distance from the famous skiing resort of Prati di Tivo. In 2007, cause of its characteristic beauty, Pietracamela was included into an important classification called “I Borghi più belli d’Italia” (The most beautiful villages in Italy). The name of this village is deeply connected to the natural environment around and in particular to the rock whit a characteristic form of a camel hump.
From the square, we went to the oldest part of the village, which is situated along the hillside of the mountain. Our first impression was that we were in another far era in the past, in a mysterious and magical reality. Walking around, you can meet old men who read a newspaper in front of their house, who are really happy to talk with you and give you some information about Pietracamela, like the fact that, in winter, the village has got only 40 inhabitants. The streets are narrow and winding, like tunnels, and they rise to the top with stairs and archways, creating a surreal atmosphere. The disposition of the streets immediately appeared intricate, and in fact an inhabitant said us that the village has a labyrinthine structure, that in the past was used as a defence from sieges. But not only the ancient enemies had been victims of this labyrinth of narrow streets, underpasses and alleys: after a bit of time, during the exploration of the village, we got lost!
But the disorientation wasn’t a big problem, in fact there were amazing things around us: the houses, that seem excavated into the rock, with the stones on the walls, the little windows that have to keep the warmth inside the house, the tall doors, that are useful in case of snow, and finally the view of the mountains, called Monti della Laga, that you can see over an alley or between two roofs.
During our visit we found a little church with only one nave: it’s the San Rocco Church, a modest, silent place but really spiritual an characteristic. From the entrance of the church, looking out, is visible the mountains: this view increases the beauty of this little consecrated place.
After this pleasant visit of the village, we moved to the square finding a place to eat. We finally discovered a restaurant that immediately convinced us for its cosy and warm atmosphere. The wood furnishings, the yellow table cloths, the warm lights and all the objects hanging from the ceiling or the wall: pots, vegetables, grapes and baskets with flowers. But this restaurant gave us also another surprise: the owner is the chef, and she loves to share her passion for  Abruzzo’s typical cuisine, that is poor but excellent. We ate some ravioli and lamb….mmmm….delicious.
We thank Luigi and Marisa for the hospitality, the kindness and the restaurant ‘s quality.
Undoubtedly Pietracamela is a beautiful hidden treasure in the mountains: you must visit it!

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