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In the Ligurian East Riviera, between Chiavari and Rapallo, you will find Zoagli, an ancient city whose first human settlement goes back to pre-roman period. 

It is 30 Kilometers from Genova, and it has today 2500 inhabitants.

Its history allows to understand the charm of this village which enchant those coming every year at Zoagli for a holiday. Here you can relax and breath the magic of the Golfo del Tigullio.

Here the land meets the city in corners of rare beauty. From the Saracen Towers, jewels between vertical cliffs on the sea, to the paths of the "5 Bell Towers" to the excellence of the famous silk factories of Palio Remiero, to the typically italian atmosphere of a special sea town. 
It is not by mistake that this little city was very famous since the 800 as a much coveted touristic place. Many big names of the history spent some time in this corner of heaven from Friedrich Wihelm Nietsche (German writer and philosophere); Ezra Pound (American poet ) and the Russian founder of Abstractionism Wassily Kandinsky.


"...there is no stroke

or dolphin faster to move

nor the blue fly of the winged fish under Zoagli
when he burst out in the air , arrow of life" ...
Ezra Pound

"In the morning I was pointing South, going up on the wonderful street of Zoagli, between the pine trees. With the wide sea extension of the sea under me."
Friedrich Nietzsche