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Polverigi is a little agricultural town with a bit more of 4000 inhabitants in the province of Ancona.

Before 835 this area of region Marche remained inhabited and a place for hermits. 

In 835 the church of San Damiano was built by the monks of the monks Avellaniti.

The castle, that then became the city of Polverigi, was built around the year 1000, today what is left of it is the arch of entrance in the city. 

In1323 due to the continuous wars between Guelphs and Ghibellines there has been a slaughter of the inhabitants of Polverigi and all the properties and goods of the city have been stolen by an adventurer called Lo Schiavo. Due to this event, the city decided to undergo the protection of Ancona and it became one of the 20 castles of Ancona. 

To visit is the Church of the Sacramento, built in the XIV century with a gothic-romanic style and then modified inside in a baroc style.

Villa Nappi also deserves a visit with its beautiful garden and unforgerttable views on the countryside around.  

The Church of San Antonio contains a very precious painting by Ercole Ramazzani from 1583.

On one wall of the city hall there is a fresco recently attributed to Giovanni Antonio Bellinzoni da Pesaro from '400.

The association Inteatro since some years organizes a contemporary theatre festival at Villa Nappi and in other locations of  Polverigi at the beginning of July.