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Schilpario is a famous ski resort in the province of Bergamo

It is 1200 meters high on the sea level in the Scalve Valley: it is set in the Pre Alps Orobiche as a naturalistic and touristic area where the attraction of the nature offers suggestive views. 

It became a modern ski resort with the start of the ski-lift facilities starts few steps  from the city center and a wonderful new cross-country trail.

The Epolo refuge is at 1600 meters from the sea level and it is entirely made of wood and heated with wood, it offers hospitality to visitors and skiers and great local food based on cheese and salami as well as wonderful chocolate drinks with local cakes.

For those who love sking, Schilpario offers collective courses, Baby Ski, alternative ski such as the Freeride and Freestyle, the Northern ski and courses for handicapped people. 

For some pleasant culture, you can visit the Ethnographic museum that, thanks to the documents, photos and objects connected to the rural life exposed in it, can show you the life and jobs of the past centuries.

The museum is located beside the Torrente  Dezzo, where it is possible also to see a a mill wheel moved by the current of the water. The mill is still working the grane as they used to do in the past centuries.

The mines, closed in 1972, have been restored and can be visited on special treins or walking through the paths that will being you in the bowels of the earth. 

Also in summer Schilpario offers the best of itself with all its facilities for tennis, riding, a wonderful nature ready for your walks by foot or by bike and many more activities that your fantasy might propose.

Happy holidays in a fantastic Italian postcard!