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You reach Arcevia by leaving the highway A14 at Senigallia and then going toward the inland for 37 kilometers following a very fascinating road through villages and luxuriant vegetation.   

The town is 535 meters on the level of the sea and it has a little bit more of 5000 inhabitants. 

It is a known touritistic destination which attracts visitors from all over for its artistic and naturalistic richness.   

The origins of Arcevia have roots in prehistory and it is one of the places of highest archeological interest in the region Marche. There have been numerous findings now preserved in the  Archeological State Museum of Arcevia.  

The origin of the town is going back to the VIII/IX century a.C. in the time of the invasions by the Francs lead by Charle Magne.  

The strategic geographical position of this city on the  mountains made it an important military place during the past centuries obliging the little city to a strong defense against the attempts of conquest by the various powers of the time.   

The city of Arcevia itself, though, increased its dominions the castles and villas around it. Still today, its 9 castles, are hamlets of this nice city and a further reason to visit it.   

You can't miss, coming to Arcevia, a visit to the Archeological State Museum in the old town. Here you can find findings from 20,000 years ago, from 4000 years b.C. of the XII and X century b. C. and from the IV and II century b.C. The visit to this museum is a true walk in history.  

On the first floor of the Cultural Center San Francesco you can visit a Historic Archive amongst the most important in the region. This archive contains 1800 parchments from the XIII to the  XVI century.

Also very interesting is the Theater Misa, rebuilt between 1840 and 1845. It is a true architectural jewel with a total of 157 seats. 

The Collegiate Church of San Medardo is a Church built on the project of Michele Buti, architect from Pisa, in the XVII century on the rests of a Church already existing since1208. Inside this collegiate church you can find works of the renaissance artist Luca Signorelli, a wonderful work from Giovanni della Robbia, numeropus paintings by Ercole Ramazzani, pupil of Lorenzo Lotto and many more art works.   

On the highest terrace of the Giacomo Leopardi Gardens you can see the rests of the donjon and a breathtaking view of the surroundings.  

Don't miss each one of the 9 castles around Arcevia: Avacelli, Castiglioni, Piticchio, Montale, Nidastore, Loretello, San Pietro in Musio, Palazzo and Caudino each one with its fascinating medioeval history.  

For the lovers of trekking, Arcevia is the ideal place with 15 paths which can be followed by walking or with a mountainbike. In these natural sceneries, full of luxuriant vegetation, it is possible to collect wild mushrooms, asparagus or blackberries or simply meet little tender animals which will escort you all along the path.  

We can't forget the gastronomical tradition of Arcevia, which, as for the rest of this region, is tied to the local tastes and basic ingredients. The cold pork food is delicious as well as the cattle and mutton meat. When you come to Arcevia you must absolutely taste the Vincisgrassi (sort of Lasagne), the cheese pizza, the cookies with must, and the tasty porchetta (rosted little pork very spicy).  

At 15 kilometers from Arcevia you find the wonderful Frasassi Grottos, at 38 kilometers the sea city Senigallia, Fabriano is 26 kilometers away and Pergola, in the province of Pesaro is at 22 kilometers.   

Rent a holiday apartment at Arcervia. It will be an adventure you will not forget!