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Montelupone is a little town in the province of Macerata with a little bit more of 3500 citizens.  With its merlons and its little alleys this town, listed amongst the most beautiful villages in Italy, emanates a special charm.  

You get to Montelupone by exiting A14 highway at Porto Recanati, following the main road till the Strada Regina (Queen Road), or Regional Road 571  and then turning toward Montelupone approximately in the middle of it.  The indications are all very clear. 

From this point the path is going toward the Marche countryside offering, while you go up, quiet sceneries of orderly fields, rows of olive trees and vines which takes the most incredible color shades depending on the season.  

The original pavement in stone, the 4 doors still well preserved and the castle walls make Montelupone one of the villages that best tells its history.  

The first human settlements in this area are going back to the VI century b.C. and we know it through archeological findings that witness how a Picene community was living here.   

The city takes its name, most probably, from one of the most powerful Lombard families, Luponi around 800. 

The now visible fortifications are going back to 1407 when the city was under the dominion of Malatesta from Rimini. In 1433 Francesco Sforza conquered the city which will remain under his family up to1447. 

In 1799 Monaldo Leopardi, father of the poet Giacomo, took refuge here while escaping from Recanati that was infested by bandits at that time. He will then become governor of the city and took with him Giacomo who was just 1 year old.  

In 1817 the city is the seat of one of the first breeding grounds of the Carbonarism and it was uniting citizens from the regions Marche and Romagna ready for the revolutionary movement.  

Today Montelupone is an elegant Renaissance village which preserves art works of the school of Lotto and of the Flamish painter Ernest Van Schayck which can be admired in the civic picture gallery.  

The Abbey of San Firmano contains a terracotta by Ambrogio della Robbia

Walking in the streets of the town is a pleasure in itself. The city, awarded as the first city for recycling urban waste in the center of Italy, in addition to be very clean, is also very well preserved. The palaces and villas are all restored and offer a very romantic scenery.  

Montelupone is known for the Montelupone Artichoke and for the Honey of the Montelupone hills.  

Apimarche, a cultural event of three days, happens every year in August. Here it is possible to taste the local honey and attend shows, historical commemorations and games.   

In May you have the Festival of the Artichoke, a moment full of events and good reasons to taste the local gastronomy plates.  

Lively and hospitable like its inhabitants, this city deserves a deep visit which will leave you wonderful souvenirs and a good example of how history and present could harmonize to better the life conditions of man everywhere else.  

This is one more amongst the infinite reasons why you should choose to rent a holiday apartment in the region Marche!