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Choosing the hair dresses is always very difficult. We are looking for someone who would know us really, who is perfectly updated with the last trends but who would not forget that the woman in front of him is a real person and not a mannequin.  

We look for someone who can understand the image of ourself that we did not decipher yet. We want someone that will make us feel beautiful but comfortable in the character we play.  

In other words, let's be clear, what we are asking to a hairdresses is a true miracle!  

So we walk through our life spending a fortune to try this or that hair dresser particularly famous, hoping that this will be the right one and then leaving his salon disappointed.   

When they are perfect in the technique, they do not realize who they have in front of them and they make us a perfectly trendy cut which makes us feel as if we would wearing a mask. When they are sensitive to the client personality and try to satisfy us in any way, often they are incapable to realize what we have in mind.  
It is for this reason that when we met Mauro Catini, Dejanel, we fell in love with his salons. Mauro Catini, founder of Dejanel, is the hairdresser of our dreams. And we did not find him at Milano, Rome, Paris or London but at Civitanova Marche. 

Always abreast with the last fashion trends, he has the tact and discretion of those able to listen and observe, even when we are incapable to explain. In the decades of entrepreneurial experience in this field, Mauro never stopped to be in touch with his clients and try to satisfy their wishes.  A haircut by Mauro Catini is perfect, it will be perfect even when you will be back home, even after a long day of work, even next week. It will be a trendy haircut but, at the same time, fit with you.   

Always caring for details, like all great artists, Mauro Catini made his salons true temples of beauty. Any moment of your time in his salon will be a pleasant surprise, from the efficient, kind and smiling reception, to the moment when a girl will wash your hair making a wonderful massage with her light fingers while the armchair where you seat will make a Shiatzu massage on your back, to the perfect concentration of the haircut when you will feel you are watching a miracle, to the hair drying when the miracle will take form under your eyes.  

And when you will finally arrive to the cash desk, sure that you are about to undergo an incredible drain on your money, you will find that the prices of Mauro Catini are the same then any other hairdresser and you will have one more reason to be happy of your choice. After a while, after you have left the salone, when you think back to it, you will find out that during your stay there you have felt perfectly comfortable, you will remember the discretion of everybody, the professionalism and how the entire time was pleasant, serene and all in all fast.  

Mauro Catini is not only a hairdresser but a sort of priest of this profession. In addition to working personally in his salone, he has opened an Academy for hair dressers and created Dejanel shops in the entire region Marche and all have the mark of his professionalism.   

You can find Mauro Catini in his salone at Civitanova Marche in Corso Umberto I, 188. Ph. 0733 810730.

It is an experience you cannot miss.