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The Lake of Como is located in the North of Italy and it has a characteristic shape of an upside down Y and in the lower extremities you will find the cities of Lecco and Como.  

It is the third lake in Italy for dimensions and it is very much appreciated by visitors who see in it a piece of the Mediterranean sea in the middle of the Italian Alps.  

It is a very suggestive landscape. Many poets and writers have singed the praises of the Lake of Como such as Alessandro Manzoni, Stendhal and Byron.  

Here are some examples of of places where you can spend your Italian holidays.

Welcome at Lecco! At the extreme end at South East you will find this city. It was once inspirer of the novel "The Bethroted" by Alessandro Manzoni, today it is a vivacious province of Italy. Lecco is located in a flat piece of land surrounded by mountains. Lecco is mountains, its climbing tradition is famous inthe world, but it is also lake and its promenade along the lake is the most charming spot of the city. The Rowing Club of Lecco offers since more them a century facilities for all kind of water sports such swimming, canoeing and rowing.  

Welcome at Como! The other end of the lake in the South West part of it is occupied by Como. This city has approximately 80000 inhabitants and it has a great importance because of its history, its cuclture, the textile industry and its charming geographical position. The first human settlements are going back to the prehistory but these were not exactly in the same area where the city is now. The transfer was established by Julius Caesar in 56 b.C. because he considered Como a very strategic spot for the defense of the empire.  In the centuries to come, Como has always had a prominent position in the Italian and International culture and history. 

In the area of Borgo Vico, the West side of the city, you can admire wonderful villas and continuing on the promenade along the lake you will meet the Tempio Voltiano and Piazza Cavour, where once was the commercial port.  

Here are some more charming cities around the lake of Como where you can spend your Italian holidays:  

Argegno, a medieval village of roman origins with a beatiful ancient bridge made of stone.   

Bellagio, is exactly mid the two arms of the lake, it is immersed in the green mountains, blue waters and a quiet sky.  

Cernobbio,reknown international touristic destination is made of elegant and famous villas such as the Art Nouveau Villa Bernasconi, Villa Fontanelle which belonged to the fashion designer Gianni Versace o Villa Pizzo up to Villa D'Este that in 1500 was the house of the Princess of Galles and today hosts a luxurious hotel with magnificent furniture and an elegant park.  

Colico, where you can practice numerous water sports such as wind surf, kite surf and sailing.

These are only a few examples of places where to rent a furnished apartment for your holidays in Italy.