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On Recanati you could write an entire book still failing in transmitting completely the atmosphere that you breath in this elegant center of the province of Macerata which seems to whisper poetry, quietness and beauty at every step that we do in it.   

At 296 meters on the sea level and with a bit less of 22000 inhabitants, Recanati is known for being the birth city of the greatest poet in Italy, Giacomo Leopardi

This same city, where he has lived all along his childhood and youth, has been the inspirer of many of his poems that made millions of people dream.  

Today it is possible to walk in the city and find back the inspiring places, marked with a marble plaque which report the lines. Here you will find the little square of the "Sabato del Villaggio" (Saturday of the Village), the hill of the "Infinito" (The Infinite) the Tower of the Passero Solitario ("The Lonely Sparrow") and much more.   

The palace where Leaopardi was born and lived is still in the same place and is this inhabited by his heirs. A part of the palace, though, is used as a museum which can be visited with the aid of expert guides.  

We shouldn't be surprised that so much poetry emanted from this city as it was since ever a hothouse of artists and a magnete for artists of all kind. Here passed by Lorenzo Lotto, the Guercino, Caravaggio, Sansovino, Vanvitelli only to mention a few. Here Beniamino Gigli was born, the most famous tenor of the 20th century. 

You get to Recanati by exiting the highway A14 at Porto Recanati and then following the indications toward the city which is only 8 kilometers away.  

Once you are at Recanati you can visit the Palace Leopardi and the inspiring places of the poet but you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the rest of the city and its monuments:  

The Church and Cloister of Saint Augustine, from XIII century, contains some very important art works and it is a beauty in itself.  

The Headquarters of the Carabinieri, one of the oldest seats in Italy of the Carabinieri. 

The Church of San Vito, originally built in the middle of 1600 and, following the heartquake of 1700, rebuilt on the project of Vanvitelli. 

The Cathedral of San Flaviano, from the XIV century, where pope Gregorio XII is still buried. 

The Church of Sant Dominic, from the XV century, which containts a precious painting by Lorenzo Lotto. 

The Church of Capucines, built in 1618, where you can admire paintings by Caravaggio and Pomarancio

Museum Beniamino Gigli inside the City Hall Palace where you can see costumes, documents and records of the great tenor.  

The grave of Beniamino Gigli, inside the city cemetery, built with a form of pyramid on the project of architect Florestano di Fausto. 

The castle of Montefiore, at the borders with Montefano, built in the low Middle Age.  

Since you are at Recanati, you cannot miss a bit of gastronomic shopping. Here you can find great wines and a delicious olive oil.  

The typical cuisine of Recanati includes gnocchi con il sugo di papera (with duck sauce), the Pagnottelle di Sant'Antonio (Saint Anthony breads), the Coniglio in Potacchio (a very tasty recipe of rabbit) and several recipes of snails. 
Obviously you can't forge tthe ciauscolo, the spreading salami and the frappe, typical cake of carnival.   

In the area of Recanati there are also two important factories and companies known all over the world I Guzzini (making kitchen tools) and Clementoni (producing toys). It is worth to stop for some shopping.  

Here it is, another charming place to visit once you have rented your holiday apartment in the region Marche.