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Only thinking to Rome makes me smile...  

Rome is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a longed for destination for tourists from all over the planet, it is also a temple of history and culture from which the cultures of most of the western world were created. You will feel all this the same instant when you will get to Rome.  

The city is 1285 square kilometers wide, one of the largest capitals of Europe and it has almost 3 millions inhabitants. More then 16% of the cultural assets of the world are located in Rome (70% of them are in Italy).  

Here you will find the testimonies of the various ages that went by from ancient Rome, through the conversion to Christianity, the middle age, the renaissance up to the revolution for the Unification of Italy, the Dolce Vita and the modern time. 

If you really want to visit Rome, two weeks of walks, bus trips and metro trips will not be enough to visit all the museums, picture galleries, monuments and exhibitions of all kind.  

My tip is to try as much as possible to visit the city by walking taking your time to capture the atmospheres that change from a street to the other and from a district to the other.  

Rome is made of little café with tables outside, of little restaurants with surprising pergolas in unexpected gardens, of parks where the decorative statues are unvaluable art works. It is a city full of noise and hoots on the horns, of strummed on guitars for the night serenades and of incredible poetry written on the walls.  

Rome is made of chequered tableclothes with delicious plates of spaghetti alla carbonara (with eggs, parmesan and bacon) or "abbacchio" (roasted lamb) with potatoes all seasoned with a generous wine but is also the city of the most refined elegance, of the windows of famous designers, of hotels in ancient buildings and refined music. And what is extraordinary is that maybe this is the only city in the world where each one of these universes melt together forming an harmonious and exciting ensemble.  

The city is crossed by the Tiber river but maybe not many people know that there is another river crossing Rome which then melts with the Tiber river in the North of the city, this is the Aniene river. Inside Rome there is the State of Vatican City, headquarter of the Catholic Roman Church which is an independent European State. There are 29 cities that are bordering Rome Capital, the highest number of bordering cities in Italy.   

According to the tradition Rome was founded by Romolo on 21 April of 753 b.C.   

In the pages of this site we tried to give some information on what you could visit in this city. Enjoy the holiday in the Eternal City!