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Rome is a true open air musuem because of the quantity of archeological sites discovered and that you can visit nowadays.  

Here is some of them which will be interesting to visit to make a plunge into ancient Rome:   

Palatine Hill is one of the sevel hills of Rome and is the most important archeological site of the city. According to the legend Rome was created exactly on Palatino. This was the residential area of the Roman ruling class during the Republican period. Personalities such as Cicero, Marcus Valerius and Mark Antony had their house here. In the imperial period, then, Augustus decided to choose the Palatino as his own residence. Since then it became natural also for the following emperors to reside on the Palatino and here were built amongst the others the palaces of Tiberius and Nero. The area is an open air museum and can be visited during the day.  

The Roman Forum was the center of the political, religious and commercial life of ancient Rome and is located in the valley between Palatine Hill and Capitoline Hill. There are manu buildings still visible and their rests can be visited.  

The Imperial Fora are a series of great monumental plazas built in the imperial period between 46 b.C. and 113 a.C. Around the plazas they have built temples and other buildings. This area can be visited today and extends itself from the Colosseum and Piazza Venezia. 

The Trajan's Markets is an extended complex of buildings on the Quirinal Hill. Once this was the administrative seat of the Imperial Fora activities. Currently this complex hosts the Imperial Fora Museum which shows the architectures of the Imperial Fora and their sculptural and architectural decorations.  

The Colosseum  is a  monument which is the symbol of ancient Rome. It is able to contain up to 50.000 spectators and is the largest amphitheatre and the most important monumento of ancient Rome that arrived to us. It is located on the Eastern border of the Imperial Fora. Its construction was started by Vespasian and completed by Titus approximately one hundred years later. The site, like the rest of the center of Rome, was inserted in the Unesco Wolrd Heritage List. It was used for the shows of gladiators and other public shows. It is possible to visit it.  

The Baths of Caracalla are located nearby the Circus Maximus and it is an enormous thermal structure able to host 1500 people.  

Walking amongst the ruins of ancient Rome will an unforgettable exerpeince, a plunge in the past and and a wonderful adventure that will leave you with the feeling of having a better understanding our time.  

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