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Senigallia is a beautiful city on the sea in the province of Ancona. Reaching it is very easy both by car (from the highway A14 you take the exit Senigallia) or by trein since the trein station of Senigallia is one of the major stations of region Marche.  

Senigallia has a little bit more of 45.000 citizens and it is North of Ancona on the Adriatic Coast. It is one of the touristic cities of the region and it attracts visitors from all over Italy and Europe.  

Its Velvet Beach has been awarded with the blue flag since 1997, to certify the fact that this city respects all standards of cleanliness and care of the sea and the beach. 

This city has been a reknown elegant and popular beach resort since the end of 800 when the cost was filled with entertainment and glamour to let the visitors enjoy their holidays.  

The famous Rotonda sul Mare (the round on the sea) from the Fred Bongusto song is here, at Senigallia. It was restored in 2006 and today is the location for numerous cultural and artistic initiatives of great importance.   

But Senigallia doesn't end with the beach, its organized bathing establishments and the promenade because this city offers thousands of reasons to come and visit it.   

Rocca Roveresca (Rovere's Fortress), from1480, is a typical fortification building wanted by Giovanni della Rovere. In 1503 Cesare Borgia transformed the fortress in an exclusive residence and in 1631, when Senigallia became part of the Papal States, it became a jail first and then an orphanage. Today it hosts art exhibitions and cultural events. It can be visited every day from 8,30 am to 7,30 pm and sometimes in summer it can be visited during the evening too.  

Palazzo del Duca (the Duke Palace), built in the  XVI century in front of the Rocca Roveresca, has a very precious painted coffered ceiling. The painter was Taddeo Zuccari. 

Piazza Roma (Rome Square) with the famous Palazzo del Governo (Givernment Palace) and with its Neptune Fountain is another example of the architecture from 600 and a real beauty.  

The city is crossed by the river Misa and in the center of the city, along the banks of the river you will find the Portici Ercolani (Hercule Arcades), a sequence of hundred and twenty six arches made with Istrian Stone. Once this was the place receiving merchants for the annual fair. Today it is one of the places for a promenade in the city and it is filled with little shops, restaurants and pubs.  

Foro Annonario (Food Forum) is a neoclassical structure with a circular plan. It is the historic location of the city market and during summer it is the place for shows and entertainments.  

Chiesa della Croce (Cross Church) in the renaissance style has inside very rich baroc decorations.  

Here at Senigallia you can also visit the Museum of Modern Art, Information and Photography where you can admire also a collection of photos by Giacomelli, one of the greatest photographers in Italy who used to live at Senigallia. 

There is also the Museum of the Sharecropping History which documents the work of the farmers around mid 800 up to the mid 60ies.  

The archeological area La Fenice testimonies the roman presence in this area and deserves to be visited.  

The city is a volcano of cultural activities all along the year but in summer, when the termparature allows to stay outside in the evenings till late, it really becomes wonderland.   

Here at Senigallia you have the famous Summer Jamboree Festival in the first week of August. It is a festival which celebrates the music and culture of the 50ies in America with concerts, disguises, parties and dances in the squares. The festival covers the entire city which explodes with cheerfullness and music such as Jive, R&B, rockabilly and much more.  

On 21 June every year, like in many other important cities in Europe, there is the music festival. During this day and during the night musicians of all kind, style and culture play live in the squares and streets of Senigallia creating an incredible atmosphere in the entire city.  

And if all this would not be enough, to continue to help your day dreaming about holidays at Senigallia, the inland of the city with its green hills covered with olive groves, vineyards and sunflowers, is a real show of thousands colors which, amongst the cicadas singing and the morning concerts of the thousands birds, will make you feel in heaven.  

And don't forget the gastronomy of Senigallia which is a reason in itself to come here. If you like fish, you should try the delicious roasted and fried fresh fish. The "Brodetto" is a delicious soup made with different fishes which is a specialty in Senigallia. If you will accompany this delicious food with the local wines such as Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi or Lacrima di Morro d'Alba, you will start to think that maybe it is the case to stay.  

Senigallia is an experience to do an repeat year after year at any time during the year. 

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