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Offagna, Ancona

Offagna is a small medieval village in the province of Ancona and it is located at just 15 kilometers from the center of Ancona itself.  

To reach it, it is enough to exist the highway A14 and then follow the indications to Polverigi and Offagna. When you start to up in the road reaching the village, you will find yourself immersed in a very special atmosphere with centuries old trees that touch themselves over the road creating a sort of  magic green tunnel.  

The first time I came here I was enchanted by the echoes of a past which seemed not past at all as in the rest of the world. I was walking in the streets and expecting to see a charming princess with a crown of flowers on her head surrounded by her maid servants or a group of knights on their horses. I did not meet one or the others but the day dream this city inspired in me, by itself, deserved the visit.  

The view from the crenellated walls still in good shape was magnificent and was embracing a good part of the Ancona's countryside. I suggest a visit at sunset, when the colours are brightened by the special light which increase, if possible the charme of the ancient walls.  

The first historical testimonies of this city are going back to the late middle age and its history is common to the one of the near city of Osimo. At the end of XV century the city passed under the dominion of Ancona and the fortress, still in good shape and which can be visited, was built to defend the border of Aspio river.  Then the city passed under the papal state and remained under that dominion up to the Unity of Italy.  

Offagna was listed amongst the Most Beautiful Ancient Villages in Italy and it is not by mistake. With its fortress which dominates the country, the crenellated walls and the view on the countryside this is a true Italian jewel.   

In addition to the Fortress (La Rocca), you can have a look at Villa Montegallo, built in 1500, that contains frescos by Pomarancio. 

It is possible to visit the Museum of Ancona's Liberation and Villa Malacari, a wine house from  XVI century that still produces very good wines.  

Offagna is also known for its medieval festival which occurs for one entire week around the end of July. During this week all the village goes back to the Middle Age with a perfect commemoration of that historical period.  Those who will want to take part to it will be enchanted by the ancient colours, sounds, tastes and entertainments. The festival includes shows in each square and little street of the village with bagpipes players, fire eaters, belly dancers, puppets shows and knights battles. During the entire week you can a delicious barbecued meet, local cakes and you can drink delicious local wine. You will get out of this experience a bit richer culturally and certainly  with a smile deep in your eyes, which will be still full of the colours and cheerfulness of this festival.  

Definetely Offagna is another very good reason to rent an apartment in the region Marche!