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  • Liguria Region

    Liguria is a region of North of Italy with approximately 1.6 millions inhabitants. Its capital is Genoa. It borders with the Ligurian Sea, France, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. The region is squeezed between the Alpes, Appennines and the sea and it is devided in two parts from its capital: On the west the Riviera of Ponente and on the east the Riviera of Levante. The Ligurian Sea is a stra...



    Santa Margherita Ligure is on the East Ligurian Cost in a basin closed on one side by the Portofino's promontory in the North West and by the Gulf of Tigullio in the most internal part. The city - that is approximately 31 kilometers East of Genoa - is surrounded by hills covered by the Mediterranean scrub (woods of cluster pines, chestnut trees and in thelower part by olive groves) where...


      “Altarpiece is the view that at the the end open up, unexpected to draw a shout”: this is how the poet Camillo Sbarbaro describes Verezzi, charming Ligurian villane of Saracen origins where is set the beautiful Piazza Sant’Agostino, seat of the Theater Festival of Borgio Verezzi. Borgio comes from latin burgus, villane, while Verezzi goes back to Veletiis, plural ablative probabl...


    Levanto is easily reachable thanks to the highway exit on the highway  A12. From the exit to the center of the city it takes just twenty minutes.   From La Spezia it is possible to reach Levanto by following the Provincial and State roads which are winding roads but much more panoramic and go through the centers of Riccò, Pignone and the village Legnaro. Levanto also has a tre...


    Lerici greets us with its charming view, celebrated by poets and writers, and with its villas spread on the hill that dominates the gulf.               The sea water, bright of thousands of lights and colours, is a promise of a fantastic stay, ideal to relax and practice some water sport.               This resort...


    Camogli is 22 kilometers away from Genoa and 159 kilometers from Milano. It is easily reachable by the highway or by trein. The city of Camogli is on the East Ligurian Cost in the province of Genoa. It is often called the City of Thousands White Sailing Vessels or Paradise Gulf Gem for its absolute relevance as tourist center and for it beautiful little harbor. ...


    In the Ligurian East Riviera, between Chiavari and Rapallo, you will find Zoagli, an ancient city whose first human settlement goes back to pre-roman period.  It is 30 Kilometers from Genova, and it has today 2500 inhabitants.Its history allows to understand the charm of this village which enchant those coming every year at Zoagli for a holiday. Here you can relax and breath the magic of the ...