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  • Sicily Region

    “Sicily is the country of oranges, of the blossoming ground whose air, in Spring, is filled with fragrances… But what makes this land unique in the world and to be seen is the fact that from one side to the other, it can be defined a strange and divine museum of architecture.”(Guy de Maupassant)This beautiful region is the last region on the South of the boot and it is an island surrounded by the ...


  • LEAVE THE GUN, TAKE THE CANNOLI - from the movie The Godfather (Francis Ford Coppola)

    The cannolo is a part of the history of the Sicilian sweets and one of most the popular Sicilian food. The cannolo takes its name from its long tubular shape, a little fried pastry dough, filled by sheep’s milk ricotta cheese.  You must know that the expression “cannolo” has also a double meaning, it clearly represents a phallic shape and that’s why some popular Sicilian poem mentioned...


    Until a few years ago the word kite just meant a cute game for children to do outdoors, and the word surf was just a synonymous of California and Beach Boys. This is no longer true. Kitesurf is today one of the most played and followed sport all over the word. Wikipedia still identify it as an extreme sport,  so, just for a few braves, but this definition is no longer adequate bec...


    Try to go to Sicily, even for a last minute week end. And then, when you come back, try to answer the question that everyone will ask you: what about Sicily? One of the first thing that will comes in your mind, and that you would tell to everyone, is about the Sicilian cuisine. It will rather be one of your first memories, equal to sea sun and hospitality. It is more than a simple ...


    You often heard that Siracusa is the greatest of the Greek cities and the most beautiful. Its fame is not usurped: it has a very strong position and it is furthermore very beautiful from whatever direction you arrive here both from the land or from the sea and it has two ports almost enclosed and  almost embraced by the buildings of the city.  (Cicero)   Siracu...